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Have you ever held your man down through whatever? Even prison? Well Lisa is the wife of one of the biggest dope boys on the East coast. Lisa and Fred are high school sweethearts and been together through it all. She is holding him down while he does an eight year bid for drugs and his best friend BJ is keeping the business running on the outside while Fred conducts business from the inside. After a night of unexpected passion with BJ, things turn for the worst for Lisa. BJ ends up getting shot and put in the hospital not expecting to live. Lisa is then faced with a tough decision: Will she lose millions of dollars and the lifestyle she is accustomed to or will she step up and use everything her husband taught her to run the dope game herself? She goes on one hell of a roller coaster ride from sex, drugs, to murder and not knowing if she will live or die herself. Will she be able to keep everything on lock or will it all fall apart?


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