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From the creative minds of Scerina Elizabeth (Author of the Nocturnia & Eternally Yours Series), Nina Silver (Author of The New Earth Colonies Series), Armada West (Author of the war/SONG Series), Tywanda Brown-Johnson (Author of the Love Games Series & the Love & Snakes series), Cari Robe (Author of the Angel Security Series), Alexis R. Craig, and Rowena Cassidy... Comes a hot and steamy erotic anthology focusing on sexy alpha males in uniforms. Featuring the following stories: 1) Mile High Club by Scerina Elizabeth 2) UNSOLVED by Scerina Elizabeth 3) Cuffed By The Sheriff by Nina Silver 4) The Doctor Is In by Rowena Cassidy 5) Burning Love by Rowena Cassidy 6) A Ranger's Heart by Alexis R. Craig 7) At My Command by Armada West 8) Whiskey On The Rocks by Cari Robe 9) Servicing Avery by Tywanda Brown-Johnson TEASERS: From Mile High Club by Scerina Elizabeth: "It was clear I made her nervous and that's something I didn't want. I never wanted my flight attendants to feel nervous or stressed around me. As a pilot I was their superior, but I wanted to make sure they were at ease so that they could deliver the best service to our passengers without issues of any kind." ~ Damon St. James From Cuffed By The Sheriff by Nina Silver: "I immediately knew which certain chief deputy sheriff had pulled up behind me. Even through the mirror I could see his grinning arrogant face, all smug and sexy looking. He knew exactly who he had stopped. And why wouldn’t he? He saw my car from his house everyday. With a deep sigh, I licked my suddenly dry lips and pulled to the side of the now dark and abandoned road. I was about half way home, so getting stopped by him was just an inconvenience." ~ Scarlett Rhodes From At My Command by Armada West: "His kiss was firm and demanding, tongue tasting hers. Devouring every bit that she had to offer. What he wanted, he took." : : WARNING : : HEAVY SEXUAL AND ADULT CONTENT : : MEANT FOR MATURE AUDIENCE (18+) : :


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